Thursday, August 21, 2014

Cool New Product - Stokke Trailz All Terrain Stroller

Another all terrain stroller from a tried & tested luxury brand! Now parents who are looking to go more places with baby can, while still enjoying the smooth push and convenience features. Introducing: The Stokke Trailz. Uniquely, the carry cot sits high and closer to the parent, which is a feature that Stokke's Xplory is famous for.  The handlebar is adjustable and shopping basket is waterproof in case you hit some puddles!

Trailz uses the Xplory Seat (which will now be known as the Stokke Seat). Yes, you read that correctly! Both strollers will feature interchangeable seats. It gets even better  - the Crusi Carrycot (which will now be known as the Stokke Carrycot) is compatible as well. So if you have a Crusi stroller you can use the same carrycot.

Features include:
• Air filled rubber tires
• Large, waterproof shopping basket
• Excellent tire suspension
• High seat position
• Adjustable handlebar
• Lockable swivel wheels
• 3 parent facing and 2 forward facing seat positions
• Rain guard and mosquito net included
• 3 year warranty

Price: $1299

Colors: Black, Deep Blue, Black Melange, Beige Melange, Purple and Red

This stroller is compatible with  Maxi Cosi/Nuna/Cybex car seats.

Trailz will be available in early September in-store at NessaLee Baby and via and can be pre-ordered now.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Celebs & Their Baby Gear - Gwen Stefani & Apollo

One of our fav. rockstar mom and son duo posted this pic on Instagram. Captioned: #Switzerland. Precious pic, but we'd like to add some hashtags to that caption if we may. How does #Aden+Anais #SpecialEditionSwaddle #SpecialEditionRed #AvailableAtNessaLeeBaby sound? Cool. We thought so too.

The Special Editon (RED) and all Aden + Anais can be purchased in-store, at NessaLee Baby or online at

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Super Cool Ways to Re-Purpose an Old Crib

Ready to transition your little one to a “big kid” bed? If you're feeling inspired, here is a fun summer DIY project for you and your little ones to do together.  Re-use, re-purpose, and re-imagine that crib into something fun, stylish and functional.

 Playing outside is a must in the Summer. Why not turn your baby’s crib into a custom wagon to wheel around in style?  Paint it your little one's favorite color to be sure to have the most rad wagon on the

Old Crib platform with springs? Check. Can of Paint? Check. Box of old clothes pins from Grandma's garage? Check. Too many photos from your summer vacay and not enough frames? Check. Now you're set to paint and simply clip your favorite photos, notes & inspirations. It's an easy project that will add a custom style to any room in your house. 

Bike riding is a summer must and who doesn't want their very own custom bike rack? Cut up your crib, and voilĂ ! Not only does it optimize garage organization, but your little ones will feel so cool pulling up to their own parking zone after a long day of riding.

*jaw drops* Turning your baby's old crib into an outdoor table with benches can be done, but might require a little more skill than the other ideas. It will undoubtedly look beautiful in any backyard for half the price of a new one! 

Friday, July 4, 2014

The New 2014 Bugaboo Bee 3

When Bugaboo invited us to their headquarters in Amsterdam to get the very first peek at the Bee3, we were excited to say the least. I could give you all of the descriptive details about our trip. The flight. How awesome their current offices are, or incredible the new headquarters they are in the early stages of building will be. I could, but I know you're reading this for the details on the stroller, so I won't torture you any longer.

Late this summer the new version of the Bee will be delivered. It's the same great luxury stroller that parents on the go love, with some nice additions and changes.

- The Bee³ will have a hard-bottom bassinet option for a newborn baby. The bassinet will sit a few inches higher than the seat bringing the baby closer to the parent for those early months. The bassinet will be sold separately, so it's your choice if you need it. It will include small, light adapters making it easy to pop on and off. If you have a Bee Plus stroller (the previous model), the bassinet will work with your model as well (but you will need to purchase a new canopy for it since the canopy has changed). There are fabric carry handles on the bassinet.

- The Bugaboo Bee³ will still have the Cocoon accessory option for a newborn baby if a hard-bottomed bassinet simply isn't for you or if you want to also purchase one to elongate the time lying flat.

- The new 5 point harness is more user friendly. It's also no re-thread. You will never have to move the straps up as your child grows in size. Simply pull up on the seat to elongate the entire thing and the straps will follow. The seat still extends in both directions.

- The Bee3 basket is larger. By simply widening the sides by about 1 CM the capacity increased almost 30%. Plus, accessing it is even easier. Thank you Bugaboo!

- Bugaboo worked tirelessly to make the connections on the chassis as tight as they could possibly be. While this engineering talk may sound trivial to some, it's actually very significant. By doing so the chassis is not only stronger, but it also creates an overall better push. If you have seen our Instagram video of inside their testing label then you know they take testing very seriously to create the best products. If you haven't - go watch it!

- The rain cover will still be included with the stroller, but it is longer to cover more and make for dryer rainy days.

- If you're a fashion lover, then you're going to really like the new fabric and colors for the Bee3. The new fabric is very different from the Bee Plus canvas. It's soft, stretchy and more like a jersey meets nylon. The way it tightly covers the boning on the canopy looks sleeker and more modern - dare I say almost art like. It's washable and water resistant. If you want to refresh your Bee Plus the canopy is interchangeable. Of course, the canopy will now have a longer extension with SPF50+. This canopy is the only canopy that will work on the Bee3 Bassinet.

- The wheels have been completely re-designed. We all remember and would prefer not to reminisce about Bee-Gate a few years back. Well, those wheels on the Bee Plus were fixed using their current design. For the Bee 3 they were completely re-designed. That's going to aid significantly in the quality of the push, which was already pretty great.

Here's the lowdown on colors:

- Two different color chassis options: Aluminum or Black (still has an upcharge for an all black frame).

- Four different seat fabric options: Black, Grey Melange, Dark Khaki and Red. You read that right. There's a new color called Grey Melange being made only for the Bee and is is totally gorgeous. It's a heathered grey and looks incredible when paired with a matching canopy or most of the others! I was totally obsessed with the sample I played with in Amsterdam. The seat fabric will be an actual color (one of the 4 choices above), so you won't need to get a liner to add a pop.

- 8 Sun canopy colors: Black, Grey Melange, Off White, Dark Khaki, Red, Soft Pink (finally!), Ice Blue (finally!), Bright Yellow (this is a new / different yellow!!!)

- Purchasing the new Bee3 can be a little confusing. It comes in many boxes and there are a variety of decisions the purchaser has to make. This is the type of product that should be purchased from a specialty store to ensure you are getting everything you need, as well as the proper education on the product and brand. Ahem, hint hint (after all, we did just help you with all of this info).

The Bugaboo Bee3 (3rd Generation) with a silver chassis and the new Grey Melange canopy & bassinet

In this photo you can see the increased size of the Bee3's basket, as well as how beautiful the new stretchy fabric looks on the canopy. The straps you see on the side are the soft handles for the bassinet.

Another view of the Bugaboo Bee 3 with Bassinet in Grey Melange

The Bee3 Bassinet will include a coordinating apron that zips on.

Another view from above of the Bugaboo Bee3 stroller with bassinet in Grey Melange

Here's a glimpse at a Bugaboo Bee3 Bassinet in Red with the NEW bright yellow sun canopy.

Stroller with Aluminum Chassis: (includes the frame, seat fabric and canopy) : $719
Stroller with Black Chassis: (includes the frame, seat fabric and canopy): $769

Bassinet: $230

Bassinet for Bee+ Owners (includes bassinet & new canopy): $309.95

Canopy (if you want to freshen up your Bee+ model or get multiples for your Bee3): $79.95

The new Bugaboo Bee3 will be available for pre-order in all colors at NessaLee Baby. To get added to the waiting list to be given first opportunity to purchase in the first shipment contact 732.431.0008 or

Thursday, July 3, 2014

I Tried, Tested & Have Something To Say - Mamas & Papas Armadillo Stroller

When I think of the baby gear I have personally tested over the last 3 years it's like the line from the song in the Little Mermaid, "the girl who has everything". I pride myself on having tested so much of what we carry and for the few times I didn't like a product, that's where the road for it ended on our shelves.

I'm fiercely loyal to my strollers. If you've met me and we've chatted strollers then you probably know this. I have a Bugaboo Cameleon and an Orbit. Now while I recognize that no one needs multiple full-size strollers, I own a stroller store. What did you expect?

For 2 1/2 years I only used these two strollers. I never downsized to a lighter weight option or something umbrella style. I love the features that both of them offer. I'm addicted to the smooth pushes and I never found putting them in my trunk to be a burden. We also travel a lot to other US cities or beach destinations and I felt our son was most comfortable with all of the features and I could easily carry all of my beach stuff in the baskets or safely hang on the handlebars.

Then I found out that I had a convention in Orlando, Florida. I knew I wanted to add a few extra days and make a kids trip of it. Our 2 year old wasn't complaining. I, however, briefly panicked. I didn't want to take my full size strollers for fear that they'd be stolen from the theme park Stroller Parking areas. It's totally gross, but does happen. I also needed something that any member of my family could grab, fold and hop on a tram with. Hot days in the parks and running around leads to major exhaustion and I knew the moment we popped our little guy in the stroller he would pass out. So it needed to be comfortable for a bigger kid. 

So, here I am, the stroller guru with my very own stroller dilemma. I walked up and down the stroller aisles in my own store. Even going as far as bringing my son in to test out on the track. I needed a quick fold, a full flat recline, nice sunshade, substantial basket, two cup holders and a travel bag. Facing out only was perfectly fine for me because he is almost 3. And then it was like those scenes in movies where the angels sing.

I was getting a Mamas & Papas Armadillo! This is a product I sell day in and day out in my stores and I definitely believe in it, but using it myself is something that can go one of two ways... So, if you're wondering which way it went, read on!

I am a fanatic about keeping my strollers clean and in good condition. So when I travel I always use a padded travel bag at gate check and I recommend this to all of my customers. "I wish I didn't have that travel bag protecting my expensive purchase." Said no one ever. We actually used our Bugaboo travel bag. We popped off the wheels, threw it in, was able to stick a whole bunch of other stuff in there when we boarded and handed it off to the gate check guy. It worked perfectly and came back to us in pristine condition both.

So I was on my way with 2 cupholders, a Baby Jogger Parent Console, Mommy Hook and a Baby Jogger Cooler Bag. We were accessorized to the nines!

Now I'm back. It was a great time for all and I'm still laughing that our little guy found the hotel pool and slides far more entertaining than any of the parks. While I still maintain my next baby will have a shiny new Orbit G3 and Bugaboo Cameleon 3 - he/she will definitely also have an Armadillo!

- Great push
- Big, Cushy seat
- Extra long canopy to protect from the sun.
- Folds like a dream - for the grandparents too
- Light weight
- Truly flat recline, so mid day park naps were easy breezy!
- Spacious, easily accessible basket

- No snack tray made by Mamas & Papas (but we did use a different brand's and it worked like a charm)

It's safe to say I'll be pushing the Armadillo in more ways than one from now one!

Mamas & Papas is available in NessaLee Baby stores or online at . We carry the Armadillo in every color and all of the rad accessories I mentioned above.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Celebs & Their Baby Strollers - Ethan Hawke

 Ethan Hawke and co. were spotted this past Fathers Day cruising around sunny California. Check out the recline and pull-out SPF 50+ sunshade on their UPPAbaby G-Luxe.  Indiana definitely looks content catching some Zs while they walk around.
The UPPAbaby G-Luxe and all UPPAbaby products can be purchased in-store at NessaLee Baby or online at

Celebs & Their Baby Gear - Kim Kardashian & North West

Kim Kardashian and North West were spotted going on a little lunch date in New York. Kardashian in Saint Laurent, and North - fully dressed in OrbitBaby. This isn't the first time we have seen Kim pushing baby North around in her OrbitBaby Infant Car Seat & frame. We do wish someone would let Kim know that the OrbitBaby Infant Car Seats come with their very own built in Paparazzi shade!

All OrbitBaby products can be purchased in-store at NessaLee Baby and online at