Sunday, March 21, 2010

Conversion Kit Or Not?

Over the last few months we've spoken to many parents about everything baby. A common topic of furniture conversation is always the conversion kit. For those of you who aren't familiar with this, the conversion kit is something that many manufacturers offer on some their crib models. It allows you to convert the crib into a big kid bed when the time comes. What's great about it is that the cost of it is less than purchasing an entirely new bed and it also means that the rest of your furniture and room decor will match. Often parents will forget to register for the conversion kit or decide not to purchase it. Their assumption is that when the time comes, they will go buy it. The problem most parents found? It's a bad idea to put it off. Often you will be so engrossed in your little munchkin that time will fly by. Then one morning you will wake up to the vision of him or her standing over you while you sleep. As the confusion flies around your brain, you will eventually realize that your teeny tiny baby, is suddenly not so teeny anymore and with no notice, learned how to climb out of the crib. So you race to the store you purchased your crib at - often to find that perhaps the model you own is no longer being made or most common, the conversion kit can be ordered for you, but it will take several days to weeks to arrive. So, instead of trying to figure out how to create Fort Knox around the crib while awaiting the kit, plan ahead! Add the conversion kit on to your initial purchase of the nursery furniture. At NessaLeeBaby, we even offer package specials for parents purchasing everything at once.

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