Wednesday, March 17, 2010

NessaLee Baby - Coming Soon!

We are so grateful to our wonderful customers that have remained loyal to NessaLeeStyle over the last 5 1/2 years. Six months ago we decided it was time for a complete site makeover. The process has been full of passion and all of our spare time. During countless meetings we assessed what customers would want and what features would make their shopping experience easier. We took the time to poll many of our return customers and took everything we heard into serious consideration. It was then that we realized that it's been 5 1/2 years and those customers are growing with us each and every year. Some women that were just college students shopping for things for spring break or winter formals half of a decade ago are now married and welcoming a precious little bundle of joy to their family. It was then that we realized that the best possible way to cater to our customers was to offer them not only convenient, stylish clothes and accessories for themselves, but also fabulous gear, accessories and clothes for their babies. It's this spring that we will be excited to open NessaLee Baby. In addition to an e-commerce site for our worldwide customers to shop (Yes, we will ship worldwide!), we will have a brick & mortar store. So ladies can come in shop, test drive everything and hopefully write reviews for those that are too far. It will be convenient to register in person and online and your family and friends will receive top of the line registry support from us.

This blog will focus as a way to keep our customer's informed about everything baby. That includes new must-have items, great ideas, celebri-babies, links to other awesome baby blogs and articles we find worthwhile.

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