Thursday, March 18, 2010

Nursery Design Service - Color Focus

At NessaLee Baby we are offering design services to customers near and far. It’s a fun and very exciting process for the designers, as well as the parents-to-be. We work together to create a comfortable, inspiring and unique space for their little peanut to grow in. The best part is that with the purchase of nursery furniture, the service is completely free! First, we meet with (or Skype, email and have phone convos) Mom & Dad. During that time we ask them to tell us about their vision, even if they are having trouble finding any middle ground. We ask that they bring photos or items of anything that they find inspirational. Then come the measurements and photos of the space. The most important thing is selection of the color palette. From there the focus gets much stronger. So, when choosing a color for the space that your baby will spend so much of his or her early years, consider what each color can bring to them.

Black – Black is the least expected color to turn up in a nursery. Men and women of older generations are sometimes horrified by it. However, in modern day – anything goes. The color is associated with authority, elegance, mystery, strength and power. It is dark, so it should be used sparingly and most often as an accent.

Blue – Blue has long been the baby boy color of choice. Today we are seeing it in both boys’ and girls’ nurseries. Since it is the color of the sky and the ocean it has a connection with nature and freedom, as well as trust, loyalty, intelligence and confidence. It’s coolness is calming, but too much of it can invoke the “blues”. Make sure not too use it around Baby’s food because it is proven to be an appetite suppressant.

Brown – Brown is gender neutral and associated with the Earth, reliability, stability and warmth. Alone it can be heavy and bland. However, so many other colors look fabulous when accented with brown.

Green – With all of the focus on the environment today, green is a great color to input into a nursery. It is associated with environmental responsibility, nature, wellness and luck. It is an incredibly relaxing color. This is why celebrities wait in the “Green room” prior to entering their interview on a talk show.

Gray – Gray is stylish, modern and a very popular choice today. Beware though - Too light it can have the same effects as white. Too dark it can have the same effects as black. Too much of it can create feelings of gloom, sadness and loneliness. Just the right shade is serene. It compliments well with certain shades of almost every other color.

Orange – Orange has become one of the go-to colors for modern nurseries. It looks wonderful next to so many other colors that it’s a strong contender for unisex nurseries today. Orange is a great color to create enthusiasm and excitement, but also evokes feelings of warmth and comfort.

Pink – If pink was a song, it would be the little girl’s anthem. It’s all things feminine, sweet and girlie. It evokes feelings of romance, love, friendship and fun. It promotes passiveness and calmness. The negative to pink is how widely it is used for little girls. This does not stimulate individuality.

Purple – Purple is the color of royalty, nobility and luxury. It’s known to promote ambition, creativity, drive and intelligence. It is also mysterious and magical. A purple that is too dark can have the same effects as black, so use a deeper shade with caution. Studies show that purple is the most preferred color by young children.

Red – Red is associated with love, emotions and passion. Just like fire, it is warm and cozy. It encourages courage, but also is used to signify danger. It is the most intense of all the colors, so it should be used in moderation to avoid overwhelming a space.

White – White is soothing, calming and pure. Alone and for a child’s room it can feel a bit too sterile and cold, but it can be done. It’s best for white nurseries to have other colors incorporated into them for simulation. Variations of white like ivory and cream also have similar effects.

Yellow – Yellow is bright and sunny. Images associated with yellow are the sun, sunflowers and smiley faces. Yellow will create a very warm and happy space. It’s best to use yellow sparingly because it can cause agitation, frustration and is fatiguing to the eye. Not something we would want growing babies exposed too much to.

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