Sunday, May 23, 2010

Cool New Product Alert! Nook

When I started creating my dream list of what brands to bring our customers, I'll admit something was missing. Something I didn't even realize. I now know that despite the fact that this is the place that every baby will spend the most time, I'm not the only one that overlooked it. It's often also completely forgotten by parents. Confused? Don't's the crib mattress. You'd be shocked to hear the number of parents I've spoken to that told me the nursery was painted (low VOC of course), the furniture was delivered and they were ready to put the bedding on when they realized they couldn't because they forgot all about buying a mattress. So, they ran to the store and grabbed the first one they saw with very little research, despite that it probably requires the most. During my recent trip to LA I got to see, touch and test a new product that should require no additional research. It is truly that amazing.

Nook is a new California-based company that focuses on Baby's sleep with beautiful and functional items that have undergone tons of research. Their Pebble Mattress is at the center of their products. The stylish Pebble design serves a very important purpose. It increases the airflow, making it a much more breathable sleeping environment for an infant. It's hypoallergenic, anti-microbial, anti-mite, flame retardant, Eco-friendly (made of natural rubber, natural latex, eucalyptus and zinc, certified organic wool, certified organic cotton and PETE). Unlike most products in an infant's room, this requires no off-gassing time because it contains no harmful gasses. The mattress can comfortably be used with or without a sheet and brace yourself it's water resistant. Not only do liquids not penetrate the surface, they don't even wet it. Accident? Simply wipe it off and the top will not even be wet. I was amazed when I demonstrated this with my own water bottle. If it sounds similar to something you may have seen at a lower price point, it's not. It's truly unique and of course, patented.

The Pebble Mattress has so many amazing qualities that justify the $550 price tag. Read in detail here Have questions or see something you like? You can call our store, come on in or email us to inquire about placing an order.

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