Monday, May 17, 2010

Cool New Product Alert! Beaba

Beaba is a favorite of ours at NessaLee Baby. They brought us the fabulous BabyCook and are always on top of creating great products that make our lives easier, specifically for feeding. Well, the latest and greatest will have Moms-in-a-hurry jumping for joy! The Bib'Expresso is like a Keurig for bottle drinkers. You simply put the water in the cannister and when you want to make a bottle, just press the button. Add the formula to the bottle and in 30 seconds it is at the exact temperature you would like. Now if that isn't exciting enough, it also self cleans! The product can be kept in your kitchen or right in baby's nursery to make middle of the night feedings a breeze. If we had to pick the only downside, it's that you must use powdered formula, but nonetheless - sign us up!


  1. I was skeptical when you first mentioned this, but it's pretty cool. As are the bottle patterns on those bottles pictured.

  2. Very cool...I personally never heated my bottles to make being "out" easier. But if I did, this would be a MUST! Powdered Mamas could pre-measure the powder and totally make a night bottle with ease without having to go downstairs...thats awesome!

  3. That is cool, but like you said, it requires powdered formula