Saturday, July 3, 2010

Baby Jogger City Mini: Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

for real.

I am Amanda from FabulouslyUnfabulous. Vanessa asked me to Guest Blog for her because of my all around awesomeness, whit, and fashion sense ;) Wait... maybe it is because we are lifelong friends, I have a baby, and I recently purchased a product that she carries. Shoot, for a second there, I really convinced myself that my coolness factor was seriously elevated. Oh well, I'm here, you're reading, so let me get to the point.

I am the mother to an adorable, high-energy, curly-mohawked, 8 month old son. Before he was born, I tirelessly researched strollers to find the perfect one for us. When I felt like I couldn't look anymore and was ready to give up, I found "it", the ONE. It met my lengthy list of requirements and was in the right price range. Perfection.

Though I was fully committed to my stroller, and confident with my decision, I just couldn't stop thinking about another stroller that I had come across in my research. The Baby Jogger City Mini. There was just something about it that I couldn't get out of my mind. I told myself that one was enough. I had the perfect stroller for me. I didn't need to be one of those girls who had multiple strollers for her one child. So rather than giving in to my lust... I put it on my registry... you know, just in case someone else wanted me to have it. Well apparently no one did. Almost everything else was purchased from my registry... except that stroller ::sigh::

Back in April, my beloved stroller met an untimely demise. I was devastated. If you want to know the whole backstory, go here. The first person I called after "the accident" was Vanessa. I told her my needs and she suggested the Baby Jogger City Mini.. especially since I had 2 vacations in the upcoming months, and it was a great stroller for traveling. Duh! Why did I not think of this myself? It was the perfect suggestion... just another one of the many reasons why she rocks, but I digress. Back to the stroller.

I did some more research, visited the stroller in person (twice) to make sure that it was indeed the one that I wanted, took my father to look at the stroller with me, and then I finally took the plunge and ordered it. When it arrived, it was love at first sight. It was as if this was the stroller I should have always had & I suddenly realized all that I had been missing in my life (stroller-wise).

I know what you're thinking. I am not a heartless bitch. Of course, I felt a little bit guilty. After all, I was cheating on my old stroller with a newer, smaller and sleeker stroller. Thinking logically, I reasoned that surely my old stroller would HAVE to understand (you know, if strollers had feelings and complex thoughts). It was a full size stroller and just could not do for me what this lightweight compact marvel of engineering could. We all have needs, and the Baby Jogger City Mini met mine in a way that my old stroller never could.

I cannot tell you enough how awesome this stroller is. In the airport I was able to nimbly maneuver the stroller with one hand through the seemingly endless, serpentine security lines. I was able to hold my 23lb (yeah he is huge) son in one arm, collapse the stroller with the other hand, & pick it up to lay it on the conveyor for the x-ray machine...easily. Have I mentioned how awesome the one move fold is? Let me tell you again, IT. IS. AMAZING. And it is just as easy to open too... the airport security personnel were able to open the stroller back up for me with one hand at the other end of the security line. Our first trip through airport security could not have gone smoother.

The BJ City Mini is made of a lightweight material, and comes with ventilation in the back which came in handy on our vacation... since when we arrived at our vacation destination, it was a balmy 110 degrees. The ventilated area can easily be covered up with a roll down flap in the event of inclement weather.

The canopy is absolutely one of the best I have ever seen. The only thing exposed to the sun was my son's little toes... he is about 30 inches long in case you were wondering, so there is really a ton of coverage. The canopy also has 2 "peekaboo" windows that allow you to check in on your little one, without him noticing you.. or if you need to calm him down, you can play a rousing game of "peekaboo" :). If it is too bright with the windows opened, simply roll down the flaps and cover them up... easy peasy.

The back reclines easily, & just about completely flat which came in handy when we went out to Vegas dinners with our sleeping infant (another place the canopy came in handy). The basket underneath is big enough to fit the highchair cover in it that I insist on carrying everywhere with me, along with a few toys. There is also a little pocket on the back of the stroller which came in handy when we were going down to the pool. It held all of my necessities for the day and I was able to ditch the diaper bag in the hotel room. Oh yeah... diaper bags! I almost forgot the best part!

My heavy diaper bag fits on the handle!!! It goes right next to the warning on top of the stroller that says Caution: Do not hang bags from handle. If you have a tiny baby, it is probably best to heed this warning-- you don't want the stroller to flip over. If you have a giant baby like me, go ahead, hang your bag there, give it a shot, but you should probably stand rightthere in case it tips. Being able to hang my bag was way up on my list of "stroller requirements". Who the heck wants to push a stroller AND have to carry their heavy bag around too? Not me!

I could go on all day about how happy I am with this stroller. The only drawbacks that I noticed are that there is no footrest (which didn't seem to bother my son as I feared it would), and when sitting upright, it is not at a complete 90 degree angle... that annoyed him a little, but not enough to make me question my decision to purchase this stroller.

If you are looking for a lightweight alternative to a full size stroller, and want something more substantial than an umbrella stroller... I will save you the trouble, you can stop looking right now. The Baby Jogger City Mini is the right one for you :)

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