Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Mini Celeb Makeovers

We'd like to wish a Happy Birthday to little Levi McConaughey who just turned two! Everyone's favorite boho baby marked the milestone with a new short do. Even though Levi lost his long locks, he was still seen rocking his signature bandanna. We think the cut looks absolutely adorable. Levi's new look got us thinking about some of our favorite mini makeovers in recent years. Check them out below!

Kingston Rossdale's look is constantly changing! From his hair to his clothes he's always switching things up. Kingston's clearly not afraid to take fashion risks. Some of his more outrageous choices include a superhero cape and a dinosaur costume. And who doesn't love to see him rocking his signature mohawk? We think he's one of the raddest celeb babies in Hollywood and having Gwen Stefani as his mom definitely isn't hurting his cool factor.

Three year old, Shilo Jolie Pitt showed her individuality this year when she debuted a totally new look! She's left behind the days of wearing frilly dresses and toting baby dolls. Shilo has instead proved to be a little tomboy by chopping off her locks and sporting more boyish clothes. We think her big brothers were the inspiration for the dramatic makeover. Shilo just wants to be like one of the boys in the Jolie Pitt pack!

Shilo's big bro Maddox has always been known for his mohawk but we've seen him mix things up throughout the years by putting his own spin on the style. We're partial to the blue do he was working back when Shilo was just a baby.

Who could forget Suri's iconic bob? The cut was so chic it managed to inspire a mommy makeover. Katie wound up changing her hair to match baby Suri's and the look was equally fabulous on mother and daughter.

So we'd love to know, who's your winner for best baby makeover?

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  1. I really like it when kids get all dressed up. I make sure my 4yo daughter gets into a pretty dress at least once a week.