Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dude's View - Baby Wardrobe Dos and Donts

When I was asked to write my first blog, my initial thought was….oh, no. The last “creative writing” I did was in a Comparative Literature class in my freshman year of college. It was one of the “core” requirements to make me a “well rounded individual”. Clearly the class worked as I am now a world renowned blogger. Just kidding. On a serious note, I had so much fun doing my inaugural blog, I had my people talk to their people, and I will be “taking my talents” (ahem Lebron) to the pages of the NessaLee Baby blog weekly. Wow, I broke major news without an hour long televised special and no Jim Gray.

This week's topic is something that I consider a pet peeve of mine. Until your child is old enough to have an opinion and you can only hope it’s what you would consider a good opinion (see Shiloh Pitt & Suri Cruise below for examples of what I consider bad), it’s your obligation as a parent to give your kid a clothing personality.Here’s a list of infant wardrobe Do’s and Don’ts from this Dude’s View:

Dont: A baby blue or pink onesie with lambs or Winnie the Pooh (or something similar) says something, but does it say the right thing. In my opinion, it says (no, I think it screams), “My Grandma or Great Aunt bought this for me and Mommy put me in this for a ho-hum day. I hope the paparazzi don’t see me today or even worse…I pray that mommy doesn't post pics of this on Facebook

Do: If you want your baby in baby-like characters, Uncommonly Cute makes great shirts that feature the characters names, but with cute sayings like “Elmo is my Homeboy” and “Word to Big Bird".

Don’t: Overload your child with uncomfortable clothing like the itchy sweater sitting at the bottom of every guy’s closet - no matter how cute you think it is. Here’s a fact. Men hate wool, so why would a kid like it or something like it.

Do: Dress your child in adorable, but comfy pieces. Fore Axel & Hudson golf inspired clothing line will give you all the cute you need without the worry of whether your baby hates you. Don’t: It’s a fact – in the beginning many infants look unisex. Do not have strangers guessing the sex of your child. It’s awkward and embarrassing and I’d guess 9 out of 10 parents get annoyed when their he is called a she or vice versa, so avoid it.

Do: Accessorize the gender neutral clothing so there are no guessing games. Micro-me offers cool wrist bands that will “funkify” your lil guy or come in handy if your infant/toddler is a sports prodigy. Jamie Rae’s hats and headbands will turn an ordinary outfit into a great photo-opp for a little lady.
Until next time, this Dude's out.

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