Friday, July 30, 2010

Dude's View - Coed Baby Showers

When I sat down to write this blog, I couldn't help but laugh. I'm the type of guy that if my job allowed, I'd still have a StarTac flip phone. Also, my writing skills never earned me higher than a B in school. Now I'm a guest blogger using an iPad. Go figure.

Recently a coworker of mine was invited with her husband to a baby shower and it quickly became the topic of conversation by the water cooler (err rather Keurig). She never attended a baby shower with her husband and wasn’t exactly sure why he was invited.

When I heard about it, I immediately thought about my own wedding 3 years ago when wife and were thrown a his/hers bridal shower (tea party for the ladies and March Madness for the men). It was the first and only one within our group of friends, but when it comes to parties, we never exactly do things “within the box”.

When you really think about it, why is it that just women have the showers? For a wedding, I believe there is typically a groom in the picture and for a baby, unless we are talking about immaculate conception, there is typically a male involved as well. I think that having both men and women at a shower can make a good party great and a great party exceptional, but if you're going to change the guest list to include males, other changes will undoubtedly need to be made too.

Here are this Dude's tips for throwing a killer his/hers baby shower.

1. Good food. Check that…Great food. Men love to eat (like you needed me to tell you that), so if they're attending your party then you need to hold their attention with some good grub. Avoid items with fancy names or dishes with drizzles and reductions because the only thing that’s reduced is the portion size. Some of my personal favorites at parties include stuffed French toast, sliders, wings and sushi - not all together because that would just be weird.

2. DO NOT open gifts at the party. I can assure you that NO men care that Aunt Millie got you the scented garbage pail to mask the poopie diaper smell or that your sister loaded you up with nursing bras. Actually, I’m pretty sure that very few women want to watch the present opening as well. I'm sorry if hearing that just offended you, but sometimes the truth hurts. Men have way shorter attention spans than women too, so if you feel obligated to acknowledge people's gifts then be creative - have everyone email a friend or family member a picture of the gift they bought and you’re your friend/family member make a slideshow to play throughout the party.

3. Offer some type of entertainment targeted to your male guests. Men are not that conversational. We don’t care about the latest gossip and even if we did, we already saw it on Facebook. Unless your party is in February, odds are that there will be a sports game on with significance. If possible, a party that somewhat embraces the sporting event will get you more yes rsvp's from Dudes. One of my best memories at a party was when Phelps set the Olympic record for Gold Medals. The entire wedding of approx 400 people filled the hotel bar for the event INCLUDING THE BRIDE AND GROOM. Nobody missed the record breaking event and immediately following, everyone returned to the party. Had they not, we'd just be sneaking glances at our cell phones or conveniently needing something in the car.

4. Booze. Lots of it, please. Just because the future mommy can’t drink doesn’t mean that everyone else can’t throw back a few. I've heard of baby showers having champagne and cosmos or some type of lemony thing. That's cute - to women. For men, add in some beer at the very least.

5. Timing. Nobody likes traffic and waking up early on weekends. Most men don't even like brunch. Since you've already gone totally modern by inviting men, why not consider a different timed party? I'm thinking cocktail style on a Friday evening, or maybe a dinner party. If mornings are unavoidable, see 1 and 4 above.

I strongly suggest considering my 5 party tips if you're going coed. Follow them and your party will be a great success. Throw a his and her's, but keep the rest traditional and leave me off the guest list, please. Thanks.

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  1. Jordan, you should consider making a foray into party planning. :-)