Friday, July 23, 2010

Mommy Loves

We're starting a new feature to introduce you to Mom's (+ Dad's) across the world and the things they are Loving. Each week readers can send in their own Loves lists to be posted on our blog. The whole idea is to show real parents from everywhere and how their passions and excitement don't just dwindle because they have kids. It also makes our Mommy (+ Daddy) community seem a whole lot smaller. This week we introduce you to Jessica.

Jessica is a Mommy of twin boys living in NJ (only a hop, skip and jump from the NessaLee Baby store). Before entering into a world of everything times 2, she was a producer on The Montel William shows and then your favorite manager at NessaLee Style. Check out what she's loving below!

{1.I'm Pregnant and...}

Every night at 8:00 it’s a mad dash to the T.V. to cram in all the shows we want to watch into the 3-4 hours before bedtime. No Barney. No Mickey Mouse - just violence, sex, drugs and other adult programming. Since our switch to FiOs, we have adopted a new favorite channel that meshes all our favorite genres to create some very interesting shows. Discovery Health has some really entertaining and sometimes shocking (hello, "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant") shows for moms, babies and families. Even my husband is hooked on "I'm Pregnant and...", an addicting new show about women who are pregnant in unbelievable circumstances. Its reality TV at its best- no scripting, fake trips to Europe or pseudo-boyfriends. Just real women, with real problems while pregnant. Some of my favorites so far? "I'm Pregnant and Homeless" and "I'm Pregnant and Have Cancer".

{2. No Throw by Twin Beginnings}

I was ridiculously happy when my twins transitioned from bottles to sippy cups. No more nipple cleaning and sterilizing. Life was good...until a whole new set of problems arose. The throwing of the cups. While I enjoy a good oblique workout, bending down 50 times a meal to pickup a sippy cup (x2!) is thoroughly annoying. Plus my twins seemed to find it hysterical when I told them to stop. Not to mentioned the "no spill" cups ALWAYS seem to leak. That's double cleaning, double refilling and just all around not cool. Twin Beginnings came up with the "No Throw" bottle/cup tether. What I love about this tether is the white plastic d-hook that works with the velcro to provide a snug fit. (Other models seem to have a "one size fits all" approach that doesn't work for all the different cup shapes). No Throw holds on tight to your bottle or cup and keeps it from being flung across the room (and touching the yucky floor of a restaurant). You can attach it to strollers, car seats, high chairs- anything! A little secret I use it for, is to tether toys to it in a restaurant. Kids love being able to pull it themselves to retrieve dropped bottles, cups, toys and more before they hit the floor.

{3. Kindle Bundle Monster}

Having a birthday 2 weeks after your sister always makes for some interesting gift-giving. While she totally copied my request for a Kindle, her birthday happens to come first. She received her Kindle and my mom likes it so much, she bought one. Two weeks later the three of us had Kindles and mass confusion occurred at our beach house over whose Kindle was whose. Enter Bundle Monster. It’s a leather case and skin for Kindle. Satisfying my purple obsession and keeping my Kindle unique and cool, this bundle (and there’s tons of other colors available) protects my Kindle from scratches, falls and marks. Inside the case is a spot for cards, notes and papers. Now my Kindle is protected, stylish and purple! I know of two boring white ones that are very jealous...

{4. Remember Me}

Weekends no longer are the same for us. So on our cozy nights in, we love to rent movies. This week we rented an awesome movie that I feel was completely underrated at the box-office. If you are looking for a beautiful love story and a really great story, Remember Me is the way to go. I always know when a movie is "good" if I wake up thinking about it the next day. Suffice to say I woke up dreaming of Edw-err Robert Pattinson's character Tyler. Set in New York City, this movie will seriously touch the hearts of anyone who watches it. It almost feels like your watching a secret gem because this movie did not get nearly as much credit as it should have. Go to your local Red Box, spend the $1 and rent this will "remember me" when you see how good it was.

{5. Blueberry Yogurt Pretzels}

While watching your movie (or really any time of the day) snack on these blueberry yogurt pretzels. As a chocolate-pretzel freak, I must say these tasty little treats are just down-right delicious! They taste like an awesome hybrid of white chocolate pretzels and blueberry flavored sweetness. They were devoured in our house by all who live here (and two of those people are 1 year old!). Its my new obsession and seriously not an easy item to control yourself with. Once my local ShopRite stopped carrying them, I bought them online. No joke...I bought blueberry yogurt pretzels online in the dead heat of summer and made sure I was home on the day of delivery JUST to receive them. The first step is admitting you have a problem, right?

Would you or a mommy or daddy you know like to share what you're loving in a guest post? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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