Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Baby Gear Made Beautiful - Little Partners

Every once in a while one of us will be flipping through a decor magazine and see a baby product stylishly incorporated into a beautiful design. Of course it's for a magazine so it rarely looks like a baby actually lives there, but nonetheless we still ooh and aah.

Here's one of my favorite design discoveries. Beautiful dark floors, bright white cabinetry, stunning center islands and then on the right, check out the twins. They're keeping themselves busy on the giant magnetic blackboard while Mom cooks. Notice that contraption they're standing on? It's the Little Partners Learning Tower. The Learning Tower is super safe and very sturdy. It allows kids help you cook at the counter, or use things that are a little high up for them, without the shakiness and lack of safety a chair or stool provides. If white isn't the color of your dream kitchen (or any room in your house), you're in luck because it comes in plenty of colors!
The Little Partners Learning Tower is $199.99 and available at NessaLee Baby and via

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