Thursday, August 26, 2010

Dude's View - Real Men of Genius: Baby Stuff

While attending the Gift Show last week, the NessaLee Team couldn’t help but notice what may be one of, if not the most under appreciated and most ingenious product invention of the new millennium. No, I'm not talking about Mr. Giant Taco Salad Inventor Guy (although a salad that rivals the Big Mac in fat grams is one heck of an accomplishment) or even Mr. T-shirt Launcher Inventor Guy. Those ideas were good, maybe even great, but this idea takes the cake. So today I salute you Mr...Pee Pee TeePee Inventor Guy.

This guy (and his wife, who sewed them) clearly took one too many sprays to the face and did something about it. I mean what parent of a baby boy wouldn’t want a cone-shaped device with baseballs or camouflage design to block the yellow river? It's much better to re-direct it all over your baby. It takes a true innovator with the entrepreneurial skills of a Hartford (not Harvard) University dropout to come up with a true gem like this. Clearly he saw a gap in the marketplace and just knew that most parents lack the creativity to simply work fast or cover their child's private with a towel, a cup or any other contraption that would prevent the inevitable - Cause you know, this is complicated stuff.

Want a perfect holiday gift for a new parent. Don’t worry, Mr. Pee Pee TeePee guy has you covered with the limited edition Santa model. Have a future rocker on your hands? He thought of that too with the skull model! So once again we salute you Mr. Pee Pee TeePee inventor guy.

Here are some other inventions that are noteworthy (for real though).

Sara Kety has a Daddy-Proof onesie with directions on it for body part locations. This is a necessity for any first time dad, or at least a funny joke to play up the clueless dad stereotype.
Protect-A-Bub manufactures a Livestrong-like bracelet that changes color based upon UV exposure. Place one on your little one and you can make sure that your kid doesn’t end up with a sunburn. From this Dude's View, that ranks just a bit higher than the Tee Pee...just sayin'

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