Thursday, August 19, 2010

Dude's View: Minivans...Functional & Fugly

The idea for this week's blog came to me while eating dinner at a local restaurant. My wife and I love eating outside and people watching. As Lo from The Hills would say, we “love passing judgment on people” which in addition to enjoying the warm weather, is probably one of the main reasons we eat al fresco. We saw a slew of parents (some stylish, some not so much) with their assortment of strollers, loading and unloading their tots and it got us to talking about the ideal vehicle for transporting your child around town.

Let me start by posing the question “Why do some mommies and daddies feel like after having a child, their cool factor needs to disappear?” Is there a chemical reaction that occurs in the delivery room that causes parents to lose it? Even worse, at what point does a young parent or future parent decide that buying a minivan is a good idea? My second question is why? Is it functionality, comfort, safety? Sure a minivan provides automatic opening doors but I'm pretty certain the small disclaimer at the bottom of the window sticker reads, "WARNING! WILL DRAIN TESTOSTERONE". Although inappropriate, I want to assume the role of the elementary school bully and run up to those geeky dads and give them a wedgie. I also find it important to add that no woman looks snazzy in her's either.

I am all about functionality and features that make life easier, but at a price. Velcro sneakers, pocket protectors and the illicit man purse I like to mention so often all provide great functionality. To me, all of them as well as minivans are just too much of a sacrifice.

I looked into the pricing of minivans (online because I would never step into a dealership to check them out) and did notice that they are more affordable than some comparable SUVs. If that's your main reason for switching over to the dark side then I have a suggestion for you. It seems the top of the line minivan model is the Honda Odyssey, coming in at around $30k. Why not check out the Jeep Commander? Comparable price, just as much comfort, safe, 3rd row of seats, the lifesaving dvd player and a fully acceptable cool factor, well at least from this Dude's View.

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