Friday, August 27, 2010

Mommy Loves - RoseAnne's Obsessions

Those who know me know that I get pretty obsessed with things. When I had Lasik done 5 years ago…I announced to anyone who would listen that “they had to get it done…do you know what opening your eyes under water feels like w/o contacts?!” I’m also in the clothing industry, so I can become pretty obsessed on a whole other level. Well, my son is now 16 months old…and you got it. I’m completely and totally obsessed with him. Not only that, I’m so into finding the coolest things that I thought I’d share my 5 favorites with you. THEY ARE A MUST!!!!!!!! XO RoseAnne

{1. MD Mom’s Powder Lotion}

YUP!!!! Its perfect for my son when he gets heat rash or his diaper is looking like it strangling his hips. It goes on like lotion and turns into powder within seconds. I use this product all the time. In fact, I’ve written so many times to MD Mom’s telling them that this is the most awesome product that I think they really do believe I’m psycho. It smells delish as well. {2. Appaman Kids clothing}

This company is just cool. I mean DOWN RIGHT UTTERLY COOL. Everything they put out for babies and kids screams COOL. My son gets stopped and I always get told “your child is so well dressed” - In a funky, looks like he doesn’t care way. Love love love love love this line. {3. My FLIP video camera}

You can order the flip with just about any graphic you want on it. It's teeny tiny and is so user friendly…how can you not? Plus when my son starts playing with things he shouldn’t…I can’t help but get the proof to show everyone else he isn't always the angel they think he is. Really most of the time he’s “Dominic the Destroyer”. {4 Method’s Baby Shampoo}

How cool is a product that comes with a cap that is meant to be used as a shampoo rinser-outer? Genius packaging. Just genius. He also smells so delish and it's super sensitive. I buy every bottle out at Buy Buy Baby…b/c I get so nervous that it will be discontinued. Yes…I’m that obsessive.
{5. Suaivitel Fabric Softener}

Well…now for something totally crazy. But since mostly EVERYONE I know compliments me on this…I’m letting you in on a big secret. Suaivitel Fabric Softener. The ULTRA only in the blue bottle. I add more than I should, but the smell is so amazing that I put it into spray bottles and spray any linen like thing in the house. Its amazing for getting the wrinkles out of your bed when you make it or for freshening up the sofa, rugs, crib bedding. This stuff is SICK. I have only been able to buy it at WalMart…and since I don’t go there for anything else, I create a frenzy when I go. I literally clean the whole place out and people ask me to put some back because they think it must be on sale. Yes…that’s how much I get obsessed with things. But you wait. Wait until someone tells you how amazing you smell…and UMMM…it's your fabric softener.

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