Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dude's View - The Lady in Orange

As a Rutgers University graduate and a self proclaimed economics genius, I have nothing but confidence in the intersection of the supply and demand curves. It is the science of the economy. Even Milton Friedman won the Nobel Prize for his saying, "There is no such thing as a free lunch." Until Saturday, I completely agreed with Milton and the laws of economics. Then one individual at the opening of NessaLee Baby (aka The Lady in Orange) defied the odds and helped herself to a free lunch, dinner, snack and has probably not eaten since then.

Let me preface this by saying that the grand opening of NessaLee Baby's first retail location in Freehold NJ was held Saturday and offered free appetizers, drinks and desserts to all family, friends and customers that attended. Being that we are located in a heavily trafficked shopping center, we anticipated passerbys grabbing a cupcake, maybe a drink and pretending to be interested in the new store. (Aren't we all guilty of that from time to time?). In between the legits, we had some "pretend" customers breeze through the store to enjoy seared tuna on cucumber or a pizza decorated chocolate chip cookie. But, The Lady in Orange took the cake...literally. Not only did she take the cake, she took the appetizers, drinks and all desserts like she was about to walk the Green Mile.

I must credit The Lady in Orange for having the courage to grab food without even pretending to be interested in the event or the store. Her strategy was almost flawless. She would approach a table with the same apprehension that a child approaches an animal at a petting zoo. Baby step by baby step, she would head to a table, grab her food and then retreat to an area of the courtyard to wolf it down. Then repeat. Then repeat again. Again. Get the point? Her children each had a cupcake and then stood on the sidelines, horrified and begging their mother to go.

There was actually a moment when the entire party actually stopped to watch The Lady in Orange in action. Bets were taken on how many times she would return. So I leave you with this - if you know someone who hasn't eaten since the weekend, it is more than likely that she was wearing orange on Saturday.


  1. Jordan, this is hilarious. Hope all is well! xo Lori

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