Saturday, October 16, 2010

Baby Gear Made Beautiful - Jennifer Delonge

I've admired Jennifer Delonge's work since before we opened NessaLee Baby, but this past week was the first time I got to see the whole collection in person. I can't find the proper words to express how impressed by it and I am, so for now you'll just have to sense my enthusiasm with a all capital letter WOW! <---and exclamation point. Each piece of pint-size art has clearly been created with such passion, style and attention to the details that it's easy to forget that it's for children. Then there are the adult recliners that are almost too fabulous to sit on - then when you do and realize how comfy they are, you don't want to get up. Oh what a tragic dilemma. After meeting Jennifer in person, the source of the Hollywood Regency vibe that oozes from the collection became apparent. She has style, grace and a fashion sense that is reminiscent of glamorous times past. The gorgeous fabrics used throughout can also be ordered by the yard, which will come in very handy when working with parents on custom designed nurseries and playrooms. If you have any questions about Jennifer Delonge items or would like to order something, contact us at NessaLee Baby.

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