Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Cool Product Alert! - Bugaboo Donkey

After 5 years in the making, the time has finally arrived...well almost. This spring (tentatively April) Bugaboo will ship their newest stroller to stores like NessaLee Baby. Yesterday we got to test it out and wow did we love it. Our Q&A below should hopefully answer everything you've been wondering.

What's it called?
The Donkey. Yes, the eyebrow raising and scrunched up nose was our first reaction too. Keep in mind that Bugaboo is a Dutch brand so Donkey doesn't have the same connotation in Europe that it does in America. I can tell you that after a little while the skepticism on the name fades away and it just sort of fits.

What makes it so special?
Bugaboo does not describe it as a double, but rather a "mono-duo-mono" because it easily converts from a single to a side-by-side double and then back to a single. It actually gets wider when needed. When we say easily we really mean it. Just three little clips and a simple slide and voila! When you are using it as a single, you have the option to attach a basket instead of the second seat. This is great for shopping, travel and just daily life.

How can the seats be configured?
You can attach one or two carrycots (facing the parent only), one or two seats (independently facing any way), two car seats with the appropriate adapters (independently facing any way) and any combination of them.

How big is it?
It is the same width as the Bugaboo Cameleon. Yes, you read that correctly. It is 23.6" wide and increases to just below standard US door width in double mode.

How it that possible?
We wondered the same thing. The seats get slightly narrower as they head towards the bottom. Since they attach at the middle to the frame, this allowed them to create a narrower frame, but still leaves plenty of room for the children because the widest point of a person (baby in this case) is on top.

How does it handle?
Truly amazing! We got to push it around on a flat surface, then on carpet, take down a step and spin it around. It is incredibly smooth and light for a double. Unlike some other side-by-side doubles on the market, you do not feel like you're pushing a tank. The fold is also very easy with both seats attached, which is a plus for parents that are handling two kids at once.

What colors will it come in?
The base is being offered in black and sand to start and the tailored fabric options are: black, red, pink. blue and sand. This can obviously change between now and the spring as Bugaboo makes their finalizations.

Can I use my current Fabric Kit, seat or accessories?
Unfortunately, the Cameleon or Frog seats, car seat adapters and Tailored Fabric Kits will not be interchangeable with the Donkey. Your cup holder, iPhone holder and Wheeled Board should make the cut.

How much does it cost?
Bugaboo has not released the final cost of the stroller, but they have said that it will not exceed $1800 for the full system. It will be available for purchase as a twin (full) system which will include both seats and both carrycots or as a single that you can add the shopping basket on to when needed and purchase the additional seat in the future if there is a baby #2.

How can I buy it?
In the near future Bugaboo will solidify some of the details that are up in the air. Once they do, we will be accepting pre-orders at NessaLee Baby. This will allow people to get their Donkey in the first shipment which we anticipate will be sold out nationwide very quickly. In the meantime, if you'd like to be added to our list to be contacted immediately when the details are known, you can call us at 732.431.0008.


  1. that is awesome and if i ever have twins, that will be my stroller!

  2. i love this am just hoping i can get one when it comes out as baby no 2 due june just wish the was some info on pre ordering when it will be.

  3. Emma, we currently have a waitlist that you can add yourself to by giving us a call or sending an email. It is expected to arrive in late April / early May, so you should have it for baby #2!