Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Dude's View - My Fruity Love (iCandy Peach)

This was a very productive and exciting week for us at Nessalee Baby. We got to preview some great new products that will be hitting the baby market in the next few months, saw some new colors and features on some already established products and to top it all off for This Dude, not only did the Jets beat Brett Favre and the Yankees sweep Minnesota, but one of our very own Yankee haters (trust me, not happy about having to work with a non-Yankees fan)lost multiple friendly office bets and has to sport a Yankees manicure for the next week.

After walking what felt like the equivalent of Vegas to NJ, I can tell you that there are lots of great new items that we will be carrying. But in typical fashion (because I get bored easily) I am going to tell you about my absolute favorite new product from the show.

I'm always asked what stroller I would pick and although I have a couple of different ones that I really's very hard to single one out because so many are great. Then again, when that time comes, why can't we have them all? My wife does own a baby store after all. So let's just pretend that I can only commit to and push one. If that was the case, my decision was made a lot easier this week. iCandy really hit it out of the park with their Peach model (yes, I am admitting to choosing a product called the Peach). It might be the best looking stroller I've seen. The frame, just like all modern, high-end frames is aluminum, but iCandy loaded this badboy with the stroller equivalent of 22 inch rims: CHROME. For a guy that's like dipping bacon in something chocolate. Yum. This stroller looks like it came right out of Xzibit's Pimp My Ride show. It also folds with the seat on and for puschairs (like my new British friends say) of the luxury kind, that is rare.

As if I needed any other reasons to love it, there are some other features that make this stroller juice the competition (pun intended) from this Dude's View. The handling is awesome. After testing it out and doing all sorts of wheelies with it, I can say it handles like a BMW 650 on a windy road. Just like it's older brother, the Apple to Pear convertible stroller, the Peach becomes the Blossom and can fit one or two kids comfortably. It will function as a single stroller or it will fit two carry cots, two car seats, or two stroller seats in multiple configurations. At launch it will be offered in three colors: Blackjack( a sophisticated brown and gray), Tomato or toe-ma-toe as the nice Scottish lady called it (red and orange) and my personal favorite Sweet Pea (blue and lime green).

The stroller has previously been available in the UK where it is extremely popular because of its incredible handling and good looks. Interestingly, this is also why I am popular. Many iCandy fans in America have eagerly awaited its arrival here, so come the December release date, we expect a mad dash for it. The Peach is $899, the Blossom is $1049 and the Blossom Twin (which also includes both carry cots) is $1299. NessaLee Baby is currently accepting pre-orders for all three.

I think I've reached my limit on nice things to say for the day, so This Dude's out.

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