Thursday, November 4, 2010

Dude's View - The First Birthday

This past weekend I attended a first birthday party for a friend’s child. Until then, I never really thought much about first birthdays, but then again, when does This Dude think of anything that’s not blatantly in front of his face? Actually, let me restate that. When does any dude think about anything that’s not blatantly in front of them? Now I know that first birthdays are a funny thing. It’s a party for a kid, yet the kid has absolutely no idea that it’s his/her birthday, nor will they remember anything about the event. All the balloons, beautiful decorations, customized menus and cakes mean as much to the kid as a great porterhouse to a vegan. So in reality, it’s a party for the parents and their family and friends. More like a celebration of, "We made it" or "Woo Hoo! One year and no one took our kids away from us."

As I do at most parties, I was helping myself to a beverage. That day it happened to be a glass of Cabernet (okay, maybe it was 2 or 3 glasses) when all of a sudden I spotted a new guest. I was excited as I saw the entertainment had arrived. At first, she seemed unassuming and artsy as she walked into the party room with a guitar case. I thought she would be providing some background music or maybe an acoustic version of “Happy Birthday”. Boy was I wrong.
All of a sudden a crowd gathered at the front of the room and next thing I know, The Wheels on the Bus were going round and round. But that wasn’t all. I saw all of the other guests who are approximately my age sitting on the floor with their infants and toddlers singing along.

In the past, I have been called the Christmas Grinch for my strong dislike of Christmas music during the holiday season, but I always took that title as a joke. However, once this began I started doubting whether I truly am a Grinch. I mean could these parents really be enjoying themselves singing and shaking maracas to “Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard”? This Dude can guarantee you that I will not be one of those parents, cause the only song I’ll be singing with things going “round and round” is by Flo Rida.

Does that make me a potentially bad parent? I’m all about doing anything and everything for my future children, however I’m drawing a line on this one. What’s your thoughts?


  1. Save this post, and come back and laugh when you are making up your own lyrics to wheels on the bus!!

    Never say never!

  2. Oh my dear Jordan... how little you know about parenthood. You will eat these words one day and I assure you that I will be right there to remind you of this post and all of the things you swore you would never do.
    And your forgot to mention the still a little hot after having a baby party hostess, as well as the awesome candy buffet and decorations :-)

  3. As a parent our baby's first year in this world is very important, that definitely the blessing of first birthdays.

  4. "This Dude can guarantee you that I will not be one of those parents, cause the only song I’ll be singing with things going “round and round” is by Flo Rida."

    I love it. At my niece's first birthday, there was a music lady. I think the kids were more confused than I was. But then they started putting the maracas in their mouths and swapping them around, and then it got passed to me. Good times.

  5. I just found your blog and I love it! The Dude Views are hilarious and soooo true. It's everything we are all thinking but afraid to say with and without kids! You should totally do videos too!