Friday, April 8, 2011

Dude's View - Attack of The Registry Rejectors

OK all, its storytime at Dude’s View. Well, kinda. I just finished up with a customer that completely inspired me for this blog. Before I tell you the story, let me preface this by saying that at NessaLee Baby, expectant parents can register for all the goodies they want for their new baby. They can create the registry in the store with one of our Baby Ambassadors, via our website or a combination of the two. When it's time to do that, most future Mommies and Daddies (more Mommies than Daddies, obviously) spend countless hours researching different products in order to narrow them down to the ones that are the best fit for their lifestyle and taste. Makes sense, right? Well, unfortunately for those people - I am noticing an epidemic throughout NLB. At first I thought it was just New Jersey locals who visited the store, but I now know it's near and far. Registry Rejecting is spreading like that 24 hour stomach virus. For those of the DVN that’s "Dude’s View Nation” that don’t know what a Registry Rejector is, let me give you a few examples. Remember when you were little and all you wanted was the new Creepy Crawlers or Lego set and Aunt Gertie knew this, but got you a sweatshirt that said “Baseball” on it instead? Though no actual registry existed for you, she would still be considered a mini Registry Rejector. Now fast forward about 20 years. Remember when you registered for your wedding gifts, but someone gave you a candlestick set that you never zapped with that awesome gun? They would be a re-gifter, which I believe is a mutation of the Registry Rejector gene.

I just don’t get it. Why do people spend so much time carefully selecting items to put on a registry for friends/family to have those people turn around and buy totally different stuff. Note to gift buyer: If they wanted it, it would be on the registry. I cannot tell you how many people come into the store to buy a gift off a registry and then refuse to buy an item that is listed because they don’t like it. Guess what, who cares? It’s not for you. The people you are buying the gift for do like it. I actually worked with a woman who told me that the black stroller that her niece registered for wasn't "fun enough" so she swapped it out for a green one. I can guarantee that as soon as the wrapping paper goes in the trash, that box is coming back to me to be swapped for...the black one. Of course, then there are the people who decide that someone's bedding is "ugly" (um, nothing here is ugly) and they will purchase a different set for them. Newsflash - they designed an entire nursery around that print, so your somewhat aggressive suggestion will likely go unappreciated.

At NLB, a customer is able to prioritize items into “would be nice to have”, “would like to have” and “must have”. I have filled the suggestion box with adding, “don’t even think about it you mother f’er." for unwanted items, simply to ward off Registry Rejectors. Too intense maybe?

When giving a gift, its supposed to be out of the goodness of your heart and of course any gift is really appreciated, but leaving a new parent or a woman who is 9 months pregnant no other option, but to waddle back to the store with her presents to simply get what she wanted in the first place is somewhat inconsiderate - I know I know...says the guy who is looking a gift horse in the mouth (whatever that means).

While I appreciated the baseball sweatshirt, I would have REALLY appreciated the Creepy Crawler Set.

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  1. I have a best friend. We will call her "V". She generally never got things on my registry. Why, you ask? Because she got personalized, thoughtful and creative gifts that I myself would never have thought of. This is, I believe, the only time it is acceptable to veer off the registry. My butt certainly appreciated the "Mrs. K" sweatsuit that was individual, personal and unique. Why I DIDNT appreciate was cousin Sally and the bud vase that when returned was actually found to have been bought two years prior for HER shower. ;-)