Monday, July 4, 2011

WTF - What the Foonf?

So I'd like to tell you that I'm not one to gossip, but that would just be a blatant little lie. I am however, not one to make up gossip - I simply just repeat it. Doesn't that make it better? Don't answer that. Just listen up and pencil this in on your radar calendar, or perhaps just make yourself a reminder on your phone. Yes, that's it. Remind yourself to put this on your radar. WTF am I talking about? Well, now I know you've read the headline. What The Foonf (such a cute and clever marketing campaign) I am talking about is a new car seat coming to town (anticipated) early 2012.

If you don't know already, at NessaLee we love Clek. No, we really love Clek like in ways that it's just totally weird to be enamored with a car seat company. If you know the people in charge over there then you'd totally understand our obsession. They're family-oriented, hip, cool and passionate about vehicle safety for kids - a fabulous foundation for a company! At the end of the day, the functionality of a car seat is everyone's main concern, but if you can make one that is the safest and is stylish, well that's just the awesome cherry on top. That's exactly what Clek's seats are - super safe and really attractive.

The only negative is that booster seats are generally the 3rd car seat that our customer's purchase, so new parents have to wait a while before becoming fans of the brand. That's all about to change. Early 2012, Clek plans to release their Foonf seat. Sounds a little funny, but that's just it: it's fun! Foonf is a play on the German word for 5 because this seat will mark the debut of Clek's 5-point safety harness. The look will be modeled after the extremely popular Oobr booster seat, but the weight minimum is expected to start around 15 lbs., making it the perfect option after your infant carrier. It's expected to have front and rear-facing capability and will take you right up until your child is ready to move into a booster seat, which we of course recommend the Oobr for! The colors and prints will likely parallel the Oobr's, so not only will you love it, but once the kiddies develop their own opinion (and boy oh boy, it happens fast) they will too.

So now that I've sparked your interest, unfortunately, you'll just have to wait. My apologies for being so cruel. However, you can absolutely guarantee that NessaLee Baby will be totally in the know. Once more info and pictures are released - you will find it all here. You'll also be able to register for and pre-order the Foonf in-store or via So sit tight and wait for the fall because that's when we expect to have all the details. That's all from the gossip mill for today.

Have kids already of booster seat age? Check out Clek's available products.

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