Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Custom Bugaboo Canopies at NessaLee Baby

NessaLee customers have an appreciation for style and the best baby gear, but they also don't want to look like everyone else who also has that same appreciation (obviously). That's why we're offering a new service to help make our customers Bugaboo strollers unique. Think of these Custom Bugaboo Canopies like Pimp My Ride, only for non-motorized luxury vehicles. Pick one and make it your signature ride or get a few and change them out whenever you feel like it. All models canopies (Donkey, Bee, Cameleon and Frog) are customizable, so are the aprons, base fabrics and baskets. Our staff will work with you to come up with your design. Pricing varies based on complexity from $75 - $150 per canopy. Aprons, base fabrics and baskets are additional. It only takes 1-2 weeks to bring your design to life. Check out the below camouflage canopy on an All Black Special Edition stroller for a baby that is totally GI Fabulous!

 Want to start your customization? Give us a call or email us at CS@NessaLee.com


  1. So creative! What an awesome way to add a personal touch to an already awesome stroller! I can't wait to order a few and show them off to everyone! You can always count on NLB to offer such amazing products!

  2. I thought the special edition was cool, but that is awesome. You guys are the sh-t. Keep up the awesome ideas.