Sunday, October 14, 2012

New Product Alert - Baby Jogger's 2012 Lineup

Once again, Baby Jogger listened to your requests. In 2013 you can expect to see some great additions to their lineup.

We love the new beautiful new shade of teal-like blue being offered in the City Versa.It goes by "blue" - Well, isn't that simple? Plus this shade is great for families looking to keep things gender neutral.

 Love the Versa, but long for the wheels on the City Mini GT? You're in luck! If you'd prefer the GT-style wheels (a little more all-terrain) then you can purchase the City Versa GT instead. It will be $50 more and the black frame will be matte instead of shiny.

The Summit XC has been improved and a double was added back in. This is great for joggers that needed a solution for 2 children. The single will be offered in green / gray, orange / gray and black / gray. The double will be offered in the green / gray and black / gray.

Looking for additional colors in the City Mini GT single or double? You're in luck, 2 more have been added for 2013. You'll find a true black. Currently it's gray  / black. That color will stay, but they are also adding a fully black version. In addition, if red is your color then you'll be happy to see a red and gray has been added in both single and double.

Last, but certainly not least are two accessories we know you'll like. A parent console that will work with the side-by-side double strollers will be released and the Child Tray will now feature a pivot making it even easier to open and close.

NessaLee Baby will be the first on the scene to have these new products. Since no items are being discontinued, there will not be any discounts on current models. Most of the items are slated for release in March 2013, however keep in mind that this date is not definite. Baby Jogger will work hard to get them released then, but there may be some delays. Check back here for updates. If you'd like to put your name on a waiting list for any of these products, send your information to

All Baby Jogger products are available in-store at NessaLee Baby and via


  1. Hi there i read some reviews about the front wheel of the city mini gt that locks by itself and very hard to manuever..just wondering if baby jogger has brought this issue on baby jogger city mini gt 2013..i am very confused if i'll buy the gt 2012 or just wait for the gt 2013 to be released..hope i can hear a good response about gt 2013 model..

  2. There was no issue with the current GTs. Anything that you may have read could have been a bad batch that was manufactured around the same date and anyone who contacted Baby Jogger that was affected by that had their wheel replaced. There is NO 2013 model, specifically. The model itself has stayed exactly the same, including the wheels. The only change was the additional colors that were added. So if you were to purchase it now or in 6 months from now, you'd be receiving the exact product. If you come into NessaLee Baby or call to place your order, anyone can assist you further if needed. If that answers your question, you can place your order our website when you are ready.