Monday, September 15, 2014

New Color Alert - Nook Sleep Systems Mattress

Rich navy is so on trend right now in design and that includes nurseries. So, it is very exciting that Nook Sleep systems introduced the Pacific Blue at the 2014 ABC Kids Expo. As if our favorite mattress line up couldn't get any better. Oh wait it can... it's available now. Drool. The Pebble Pure mattress, Niche feeding pillow and Lily Pad play mat are all available in Pacific Blue.
All of Nook Sleep Systems is available in-store for purchase at NessaLee Baby or online at


  1. Great post. Technological advances in nook sleeping systems have given people a wide choice on what to choose for their nook sleep system. These days, you no longer have to make do with hard beds and tall pillows.Thanks

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    1. The Nook mattresses are still our top mattress suggestion to parents in 2016.

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